Testing Services

Test Tubes of Colored Liquid

More than half of all software projects fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and/or budget slippage because defects are discovered too late. Studies show that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase-and 200 times more if left until production. According to Patricia Seybold Group, early defect detection can cut overall cost of defects by a third.

Businesses expect IT organizations to deliver higher quality systems in lesser time, and with fewer resources. However, they are looking for new ways to curtail testing costs while increasing testing scalability. This is especially true when companies can spend as much as 10 to 12 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems.

Software testing is often the first systems-development budget item to be cut when corporate spending is trimmed. Large organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to do comprehensive software testing internally. Instead of testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application development life cycle.

Our testing service covers aspects of conducting quality assurance activities in each phase of the application development life cycle—from plan, analyse and design to build, test and deploy. This will ensure an end-to-end quality strategy to drive quality throughout the application development life cycle. Combined with our offshore testing services and flexible sourcing model, our approach can reduce the cost of poor quality to a great extent.