IT Governance


Alignment between IT and Corporate strategy is often identified as a gap when there is change in the market conditions or management team. IT governance needs to be flexible enough to respond rapidly to these adjustments.

Our IT Governance services establish the processes and organizational structures needed to achieve a powerful IT service, based on a well-defined business strategy. Depending on our customer’s current state of IT Governance initiative, maturity and strategy, we recommend and deliver the most appropriate services that will meet the organization’s goals and bring in maximum business benefits.

In partnership with your business, our IT Governance Services team work to align your IT strategy with business objectives and vision. Our governance model combines service management expertise with industry standard frameworks to:

  • Identify the objectives and actions required to realize a successful IT strategy
  • Establish leadership, organization and process elements
  • Harness innovation through continuous assessment
  • Define accountability, process and quality improvement

Our IT Governance services are based on the well-known COBIT framework. Our model of COBIT implementation continually assesses authority, policy, process, organization and implementation to find the optimum governance operation model for your company.